Mrs. Tabler

Mrs. Tabler

About Me
My name is Rebecca Tabler and I'm the school counselor at Colonial Beach Elementary School.  This is my 16th year as an educator here at CBES.  As a school counselor, I believe:

*All people can grow, change, and learn. 

*Elementary school years set the foundation for students to develop the attitudes and skills necessary to grow into productive members of our society. 

*Collaboration between families and members of the school community is an important part of student success. 

*All individuals deserve to be treated with respect and appreciated for their unique qualities. 

*An effective school counseling program should be preventative in nature. 

*All students deserve to have access to a school counseling program that promotes their academic, social, personal, and career development. 

School Counseling Program

Classroom Guidance Lessons

I visit each classroom (PreK-3rd Grade) every month to do classroom guidance lessons. Lessons last 30-50 minutes and are based on their developmental needs in the personal, social, career, and academic areas. 

Small Group Counseling

A variety of small groups are offered to students who might benefit from further development of personal, social, emotional, and academic skills or who might be coping with similar life situations.  Groups meeting during regular school hours for 30 minutes, once a week for several weeks. 

Individual Counseling

Students can meet with me individual regarding personal concerns or challenges.  Students may be referred to the school counselor by peers, parents/guardians, teachers, school staff, a community agency, or can complete a self-referral form here at school.