Sixth Grade Science Assignments
Week of 12/14-18
VA SOL Coach book
Chapter 3 Lesson 13 Properties of Water
Lesson Review p 79 1-4

Chapter 3 Lesson 14 The States of Water
Lesson Review p 83 1-4

Science Explorer Textbook Chapter 2 Water and Solutions
Section 1 Properties of Water
Checkpoint Questions p 51, 53, 55
Section 1 Review p 58 1-5

Group project (in class): Students will create and present an advertisement which tells of the many unique properties of water. (classwork grade)

Week of 11/23-24
This week we will be engaged in a creative writing assignment. The topic is: What would happen if we were reduced to the size of atoms?

Students will write about what they would see and experience as they are reduced to the size of an atom. Descriptions of their new world, along with details about the other atoms, compounds, molecules, and elements will be included in this story.

Other assignments include:
Monday 11/23:
VA Coach Book: p23-23 Chapter 1 Lesson 4: The Chemical Composition of Earth and Its Organisms.    Discussion Question p 25     Lesson Review 1-4 p 26