Seventh Grade Science
Week of 12/14-18/15

Virus/Bacteria Project


Students need to select a disease spread by a virus and make a poster (using poster board) describing the following information:

  1. The name of the disease and the virus/bacteria which causes the sickness. (50 pts)

  2. Symptoms of the disease (50 pts)

  3. How the disease is spread (50 pts)

  4. Where this disease is common (50 pts)

  5. Photos of the virus which spreads the disease (50 pts)

  6. Treatment of the disease (50 pts)




    Total points for each of 6 criteria-300 pts

    Neatness/organization- 100pts

    Total Points Possible=400 pts

    (Classwork Grade)rk Grade)

Question p 227Lesson Review p 228 1-4Activity: Students will determine the dimensions of the classroom to calculate the total number of bacteria present. 11/24: Students will create a pamphlet describing the extreme environments in which archaebacteria are able to surviv15