Mr. Goshey

Dear student and family,

    Welcome to Third Grade!  Third Grade is an exciting time as your child will embark upon new adventures in the world of learning.  You will be amazed at just how much your child will grow this year.  I hope to make your child's school year a fun and exciting one, and I hope to instill a love of learning that will last throughout your child's years of schooling.
    I realize that teaching your child is a privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility.  I will do my best this year to ensure that your child has a motivating and safe learning experience in the classroom.  However, I cannot do this alone; I need your help.  We both need to be partners in the learning process.  I need you to encourage your child at home by helping to ensure that they have completed their assignments and homework, and help them study if necessary.

Classroom Expectations

    As your student’s teacher I am working to instill responsibility in each and every student.  Students and parents need to take homework completion as the serious matter that it is.  It better allows me to see where students are, gives students practice on topics learned, and helps them learn that they are responsible for making sure the work is neat, completed, and done to the best of their abilities.  Please assist your son or daughter by looking over their work too.  It should only take students thirty minutes to complete assignments and parents ten minutes to go over it with students.  Please do not tell them the answers.  Use this as an opportunity to guide their work in the right direction.

Mr. Goshey's Classroom Rules:

1.     Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2.     Follow directions the first time they are given

3.     Keep your hands and feet and all other objects to yourself.

4.     No speaking out during class or when a classmate is speaking.

5.     Keep work space and our room clean

Get to Know Your Teacher!

    My name is Alex Goshey and this is my ninth year of teaching, and my fifth year teaching at Colonial Beach Elementary School.  I moved here with my wife from Pennsylvania, who is also a First  Grade teacher at Colonial Beach Elementary School!  My wife and I have been married now for nine years and we have two beautiful daughters named Ali and Brooke.  I love to listen to music, play guitar, write poetry, read books, watch movies, play video games, play board games, play card games, and spend time with friends and family.  My favorite sport is football, and my favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers!  Also, my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is General Tso’s chicken, and my favorite animal is the polar bear.

 My daughters Brooke and Ali